How to make Origami Christmas Trees

Christmas is coming soon and it's time to make an Origami Christmas Tree!

Lots of friends asked me about "How to make Origami Christmas Trees", so I selected how-to videos of different difficulty levels and put them together in this post.
Find one you like and make an Origami Christmas Tree today!

Any paper can be used.
Be creative and make your own Origami Christmas Tree, only one in the world!!!

3D Paper Christmas Tree [1:54]
by Handimania on 19 Dec 2014

Easy and simple Origami Christmas Tree!
This is a good one to make with kids!

Origami Christmas Tree (Traditional model) [4:05]
by Origami Plus - Easy Origami Tutorials on 6 Oct 2015

Turn on "CC" - Closed captioning (subtitles) to view how to instructions in text.
Only one piece of Origami paper is used for making this Origami Christmas Tree!

Easy Paper Tree - Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial (Henry Phạm) [7:08]
by Henry Origami on 30 Nov 2016

This is another one piece of Origami paper Christmas Tree!
If you find it too complicated to follow the video instructions, pause it step by step or play it slow by changing YouTube Playback Speed. (Normal -> 0.75, 0.5 or 0.25)

How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree (Modular) [13:59]
by Rob's World on 8 Jan 2011

If you are looking for a Hands-on tutorial, this video is a good one.
This video is with friendly step-by-step voice instructions.
I've made this Origami Christmas Tree years ago after finding 'how-to' instructions on a Japanese Origami website.
You can put small ornaments and/or candies/lollies on this Origami Christmas Tree. (I did!)

by Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials on 15 Dec 2018

Easy Origami Christmas Tree!

ORIGAMI CHRISTMAS TREE v2 (Jo Nakashima) [17:16]
by Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials on 21 Nov 2016

Not so easy, but simple Origami Christmas Tree!

Origami Christmas Tree (NO glue!) [12:08]
by Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials on 19 Dec 2010

A shiny Origami Christmas Tree!
It's amazing to watch what you can make with Origami folding techniques WITHOUT GLUE!!!
It says "Difficulty level: simple", but if you are an Origami beginner, it's normal to feel a bit overwhelmed.
Take your time and do it step by step.

Origami Omega Star (Philip Shen) - Remake
by Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials on 8 Dec 2014

An Origami star for your Christmas Tree!

Christmas Origami Instructions: Fir Tree (Francesco Guarnieri) [29:18]
by - enjoy origami online on 14 Nov 2011

This is another video with step-by-step voice instructions, and you use a ruler and a pencil to draw guiding lines to help you understand how to fold.
I love Maths and solving puzzles, and maybe that's why I love this kind of Origami. How about you?

Origami Christmas Tree (Jo Nakashima) [20:28]
by Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials on 29 Nov 2014

The tree trunk looks amazing!

Origami: Christmas Tree [16:36]
by Easy Origami on 24 Nov 2015

This is another amazing looking Origami Christmas Tree!

Origami: Five Pointed Star 2.0 - Instructions in English (BR) [11:00]
by Easy Origami on 5 Nov 2016

An Origami star for the above Christmas Tree. This video is with voice instructions.

How To Make 3D Origami Christmas Tree V2 | DIY Paper Christmas Tree Handmade Decoration [22:32]
by Tran Nga 3D Origami on 24 Oct 2017

If you are looking for a how to video for a very challenging Origami Christmas tree, this might be the one for you!
I was wondering how many pieces of the green ones have been used... I wasn't the only one, and someone asked the video creator about it in the comments, and the answer from the creator was far more than I expected : 1,502 green pieces!!!

Planning to make one for this Christmas?
I think it's better to start right now!!!

Hope you've found one you like.
Happy Origami making!!!

How to make Origami Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween!

Make Origami Halloween Decorations for your home, school, office etc.
You don't necessarily have to have fancy Origami papers. You just need square sheets of paper!

[Halloween Origami]How to make a Pumpkin Ghost(using only 1 sheet)(【ハロウィン折り紙】1枚でかぼちゃおばけの作り方) [12min 18sec]
By Origami Ako Channel

Origami Pumpkin Ghost, a ghost on (behind) a pumpkin can be made with a piece of origami paper (or any square piece of paper).

[Haloween Origami]Pumpkin box and Ghost box instructions (【ハロウィン折り紙】かぼちゃの箱、おばけの箱) [17min 15sec]
By Origami Ako Channel

Box: A 15cm x 15 cm(6 inch) origami paper (or any paper)
Lid(Hat): A 15cm x 15 cm(6 inch) origami paper (or any paper)

Put some candies in it and use it as a Halloween gift box!

[Halloween Origami] Pumpkin & Ghost Box / Basket (【ハロウィン折り紙】かぼちゃ&おばけの箱/バスケット Pumpkin Box (カミキィ kamikey)) [15min 32sec]
By 創作折り紙 カミキィkamikey origami

A piece of origami paper (or any square paper)

Another good one to put some candies in it and use it as a tiny Halloween gift box/basket!

[Halloween Origami] Pumpkin instructions (【ハロウィン折り紙】かぼちゃの作り方) [12min 59sec]
Origami Ako Channel

Pumpkin: A 15cm x 15 cm(6 inch) origami paper (or any paper)
Hat: A 15cm x 15 cm(6 inch) origami paper (or any paper)

It stans! Put it on the coffee/dinner table or your desk!!!

[Origami] Easy! Halloween Pumpkin Suitable for kids With Voice Instrustions [in English] / Baba's Origami (【折り紙】簡単!「ハロウィンかぼちゃ」のかわいい折り方 子供向け Halloween Origami Pumpkin【音声解説あり】 / ばぁばの折り紙) [5min 37sec]

A 15cm x 15 cm origami paper (or any paper)

It says that kindergarten to younger primary school kids can make it (幼稚園や小学校低学年でも折ることができます), but if you (and your kids) haven't done much origami, you may feel it's a bit difficult. Just take your time and do it slowly, one step at a time. You can do it!

[Halloween Origami]Easy Ghost with witch hat(using only 1 paper)(【ハロウィン折り紙】1枚で簡単な帽子付きおばけの作り方) [6min 59sec]
By Origami Ako Channel

A 15cm x 15 cm origami paper (or any paper)

These are good for walls and windows!

Halloween Origami Bat (ハロウィン折り紙★コウモリ Origami Bat(カミキィ kamikey)) [13min 51sec]
By 創作折り紙 カミキィkamikey origami

A 15cm x 15 cm origami paper (or any paper)

Watch and follow the visual instructions. (The voice instructions are in Japanese.)

Origami Halloween Bat - How to video with voice-over instructions

Origami Halloween Bat
How to video with voice-over instructions.

YouTube Channel: Easy Origami

Thinking of making some Origami Halloween Ornaments?

It's easier than you think!
People of all age can enjoy!!
And you just need a square piece of paper in your desired colour.

Try some Origami today and add your very own Origami Halloween Ornaments to this year's Halloween Decorations!!!

Origami Box

It's a handy Origami box.

It's good for a gift box. Or it can be used as a jewelry box etc.

Iwaizuru (祝い鶴) - Celebratory Crane

It's a little different from the ordinary paper crane.

I often use it with a greeting card.

How to make instruction reference page:
No longer exist:【折り紙】祝い鶴の折り方 from KKR Hotel Hiroshima Staff Blog (In Japanese with some photos) Alternative link for 祝い鶴(iwaizuru): YouTube Search Results for 祝い鶴